There is a CAT that goes up to the 8th station of Akita Komagatake during the on-season (for 2018, from the beginning of February to mid-April.).
The Snow CAT climbs an 8 km journey from the Alpa KOMAKUSA Spa.(Start point) to the 8th station(Goal point) over an hour.
During this time, you can enjoy the fresh and deep powder snow that only people who have ridden up the CAT can experience!
This is very crazy and very fun!

Time Table
7:30 >> 8:30
9:30 << 8:45
9:40 >> 10:40
11:40 << 10:55
12:00 >> 13:00
14:00 << 13:15

Guided Tour Ride: >> Reservation mail to Here.
18,000JPY (one guest), 9,500JPY per person for a group of two or more people.
Snow Cat Ticket: 3,500JPY (per guest)

Free Ride: >>Call up to +81-187-43-2111 until the day before. (English OK)
One way 3,500JPY per person. Round trip 4,000JPY per person.

The CAT start point is distance from 3km from Tazawako Snow Resort.